Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Eastern Europe 1444

The dark winding roads and shadowy paths of Eastern Europe hide many secrets and unspoken truths.   Many whisper fearfully of the cold night and the strange things the darkness brings:  of wolves that roam in packs yet act with unexpected intelligence, of glowing eyes that watch from the depths of shadow only to vanish and leave no tracks with the first coming of light...

The conflicts between the French and the English remain volatile as ever, even with the Treaty of Tours attempting to establish a peaceful agreement through marriage.  The actions and legend of The Maiden still remains fresh in the minds of the populace.  The al-Istirdad, known more among the Castilans and other Iberian Christians as the Reconquista, continues though at this time the Moors were mostly now based in the Kingdom of Granada.

The Church remains a powerful force, and the threat of excommunication is enough to force many to silently follow their demands.   This marks a period where fear and ignorance are far more commonplace than compassion.