Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Repentant Monk

Brother Clement
Clan Unknown, Assumed to be 7th Generation
Embrace:  April 4, 1444

While most of the other guests that night died (and some would say dying would have been far more merciful an ending), Brother Clement was one of those who survived.  When the Children of the Conspiracy finally met with the Conspiracy of Isaac once more, the vampires regarded the survivors with a certain degree of respect and awe.  The newly embraced Cainites had survived the wrath of The Founders, after all, and thus were worthy of some level of respect.

Claudius Giovanni immediately attempted to forge new ties with the newly embraced vampires, having their Sires approach them to congratulate them or welcome them to their appropriate Clans.  None, however, approached Brother Clement.  The Lady Jadviga immediately explained that none were able to witness as to who gave Brother Clement the vitae that transformed him, and it was to be a mystery that will remain one for the time being.

Clement however has shown a vulnerability to sunlight and in one occasion was witnessed speaking to what he claimed to be an angel hovering above the night sky.  He had admitted to being formerly part of an order known as The Red Monks but had long lost their favor.  But just as dawn was nearing, the Children could not deny seeing the burning cross that emerged in the cloudy sky just as Clement demanded that God himself give him a sign that he should not simply await the coming sun.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Calm and Rage of Steel

Michel de Valois, Chevalier, Marquis de FontainebleauClan Malkavian, 7th Generation
Childe of Lady Theopana
Embrace:  April 4, 1444

Michel learned after his Embrace that the world is filled with so many more secrets and details than he thought before.  Little did he know this new form of perceptiveness was the result of his Sire's subtle nudge for him to keep using his newfound gifts of Auspex.  

Time will tell, however, how the blood of Malkav shall truly affect the former soldier.  Madness has always been attributed to the Malkavian line and how this will manifest in Michel's life remains to be seen.

The Maker and his Work

Steffen Vanderman
Clan Tzimisce, 7th Generation
Childe of Lord Mieczyslav
Embrace:  April 4, 1444

After being tricked by the Fiend to carve on a living person as he normally did stone, Steffen is beginning to discover exactly how horrifying the powers of the Tzimisce actually are.   Not only can flesh be molded like clay in his hands, but so too can the wills of animals.

Steffen still struggles to find his place in this new existence.   Prior to the Embrace, he already felt the struggle to relate with others.  All the more now in this shadow world of the Kindred.  Stranger still, he has noticed that he has gained a habit of biting on his thumb -- even to the point of gnawing on it -- and as far as he can recall, he has never had this habit before.

Of Beasts and Children

Iakov Mysi
Clan Ravnos, 7th Generation
Childe of Gabrin
Embrace:  April 4, 1444

The young rat catcher quickly discovered while imprisoned in Lord Hardestadt's prison that he had gained the supernatural ability to speak with his dog, Ugor.  It did not take long for him to realize the other gifts being a cainite were to grant.  The supernatural toughness and the ability to even quell temporarily the beasts of other vampires were within his reach.

Iakov however was told that his Sire did not survive the assault of the Founders that fated evening.  He struggles with the weight of the Ravnos curse upon his thoughts, overwhelming him with the urge to succumb to one of the seven deadly sins.

Of Silence and Murder

Tatiana Stoyan
Clan Assamite, 7th Generation
Childe of Lord Bajazet al-Nasir
Embrace:  April 4, 1444

The events of the fated evening have forever scarred the young woman who hides behind the name Alexi Stoyan.   As one of the seven survivors of that terrible ordeal, Tatiana now seeks to understand her strange new existence as one of the walking dead.

Though she is still struggling to comprehend her vampiric nature, Tatiana was told that Bajazet Al-Nasir was destroyed by his own Clan.  The Lady Jadviga Almanov of Bohemia advised her that it may be best she pose as a member of the High Clans.  The wily Ventrue has offered that Tatiana claim to be her childe instead; an offer Tatiana considers carefully with much trepidation.