The Player Characters

In this page shall be write-ups for the four player characters.
These write-ups reflect the character concepts at the start of the game.


Alexi Stoyan

Born Tatiana Stoyan, the young assassin was once merely a young woman who lived with her twin brother and their father at a simple home.  Her father's predilection to gambling, cost him his legs.  And an unexpected flash flood then cost them her brother.  Knowing the mob that crippled her father would demand of them her now presumed dead brother, Tatiana presented herself to the mob as her brother and very quickly learned the tricks of the trade.  Gaining the notice of the mob lord, her actions leading to the death of a thorn on the mob's side eventually lead to her becoming the very blade that the mob requires to silence their enemies.

The invitation from the Giovanni comes unexpectedly, and to Tatiana sounded like an opportunity to gain more resources to free their family from its many tragedies.


Iakov Mysi

This 17 year old man embraced the role and duties of a ratcatcher in order to be able to finance his sister's studies. Separated from their parents at a very young age, Iakov quickly discovered he had a talent with moving unnoticed as well as with relating with the lower beasts. Perhaps it was a talent that the Giovanni found interesting?


Steffen Vandermann

For some, the journey is more important than the goal. For this young Craftsmason, the life of a Journeyman is merely a stepping stone to greater things. With an incredible skill barely used due to the lack of an official permit of a Master, Steffen wonders if the invitation to the Giovanni's banquet is an opportunity to finally get what he believes he deserves.


Michel de Valois, Chevalier, Marquis de Fontainebleau

At the siege of Orleans, Michel first found himself fighting alongside the Maiden herself. While he dismissed any claims of her having some religious link to God, he could not ignore the victories that she was to bring the Dauphin. But in the defense of Compiegne, Michel watched as the Maiden was captured and taken down. He refused to take part in later battles, believing that the war was no longer being fought in proper terms. And for this was removed of his lands and position. With his family held hostage by the King Charles VII, the invitation to Casa de la Giovanni is seen as an opportunity to gain allies among the nobility to hopefully help pull strings to free them. It would be a decision Michel would greatly regret making in due time.