The Conspiracy of Isaac

In here shall be featured the many other characters who appear in the game.
There will be short write ups for each one, an indication of where the character's loyalties may lie, as well as any mention of the character has met Final Death.

Claudis Giovanni - Giovanni Clan, 5th Generation
Child of Augustus Giovanni
A hearty, powerful man who knows that he will soon have more power than other could ever dream of.  Has no respect for those who cannot take care of themselves.   Is said to be able to command the very dead to do as he pleases.   Is seen as the leader of the Conspiracy of Isaac.

Lord Bajazet Al-Nasir - Assamite Clan, 6th Generation
Child of Thetmes, Sire of Tatiana Stoyan
This dark skinned man speaks softly yet quite animatedly when in conversations with others.  Most find it difficult to clearly remember what he looks like, with features that ever so slightly shift.   His movements are quick and silent however.  And his obsession with death well-known.

Gabrin - Ravnos Clan, 6th Generation
Child of Veistgeir, Sire of Iakov Mysi, Suspected Sire of Brother Clement
Destroyed 1444
A short young man who loves wearing lots of flashy jewelry and clothing.  Much to his Sire's amusement, Gabrin cared little for traditional Rom practices.  It is believed that he sired two of the Children of the Conspiracy, however this remains to be validated.  Gabrin met Final Death however in the hands of the Gangrel Founder, Milov Petrenkov.

Lady Dimitra - Gagnrel Clan, 5th Generation
Sire Unknown
Destroyed 1444
Closer to the beasts more than man, Dimitra's role in the Conspiracy was uncertain.  Some believed her participation was one out of mere curiosity.  Others believe it was out of anger for what the Founders sought to do.   Alas, the answer will never be known now with her Final Death having been delivered by the hands of Mistress Fanchon and Josef von Bauren.