Monday, December 6, 2010

A Matter of Siredom

It is with a heavy heart that I write this entry down.
My thoughts on the matter are confused enough as it may become
without weighing as well the matters of security
and of bloodline.

These survivors of the Conspiracy of Isaac,
Michael de Valois, Iakov Mysi,
Steffan Wandermann, Tatianna Stoyan,
Hanz Viecht, Jacqueline Laurent,
and Celement,
these fledgling vampires
have accomplished far more in the mere week
they have held Caine's blood in their veins
than some of us have in our first century 
as Kindred.

They have stood among and fought against elders.
They have challenged ancients.
They have watched an Antedeluvian die.

These ancillae have entered their unlives
at a period most precocious in immortal affairs.
And even the crone herself, Durga Syn,
senses that something extra-ordinary exists about them.

a vampire's character would be easy to anticipate based on who their sire is.
But these kindred were born out of necessity,
or urgency,
not love.

I do not know what to expect of them.

Times are certain to be more interesting.