Other Guests

Other guests to the banquet include:

Lady Bridgette 
Deep down, Bridgette truly believes that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world.  A pity such beauty does not extend beyond her face.   The sin of Vanity is a common sin for her, and in many ways this sin is warranted thanks to the fact she always appears 10 years younger than she truly is.  Originally from England, she was chosen by Lothar to be the guest of the Nosferatu Matron Violetta.  The autistic Hanz claims she has 26 moles in total visible, and that makes her beauty even far more appealing at a subconscious level.

Brother Clement
Known for being a devout and religious man, to a fanatical extent many would agree, the old man Clement is a member of a religious order that few have heard of.    He has heard of the many rumors about Claudius Giovanni and embraced the opportunity to see if the rumors hold any truth.  Little does he realize, Lothar's having chosen him means they know more about him than he knows.

Diego Rioja

This swordsman from Spain is somewhat of a ladies man, but actually has never been with a woman.  He wishes he was better with the blade, but understands he never truly learned to approach it properly.  His dedication to swordsmanship is actually second only to his willingness to kill who he must.

Hanz Braun Viecht

The man, by modern standards, would be diagnosed as mildly autistic.  He sees too much detail at a glance and knows a strange range of factoid information.  Fears women somewhat because he seems to understand them at a chemical/scientific level which disturbs him.  An Inventor and professional Linguist back in Bohemia, Hanz wonders at times if his host is truly someone who will understand him. 

Hubert Warris
The hulking man from England prides himself in having a huge range of social ties and connections.  A social climber at heart, Hubert Warris has wealth proportional to his immense size and inversely proportional to his manners and moral character.   He sees the invitation from Claudius Giovanni as a chance to be among the "big boys."

Jacqueline Laurent

Beloved dancer and widowed mother, her child died suddenly without warning one night.   A native of France, Domremy, her craft was greatly admired until the child’s death.  Afterwards, she lost the heart to truly dance and has been keeping a cheerful front.  She has nightmares that suggest she had killed her own child.

Little is known of the woman save that she seemed to have a criminal background when she was first met and seemed to have been especially chosen for the host himself, Claudius Giovanni.  A woman of few words, she seems antisocial but may be merely using that as a front to protect herself.

The young man Paul fought in a number of battles and greatly injured his leg.  Hoping to find work under the Giovanni household, Paul has come to attend the banquet unawares that his being chosen heralds a much darker reason.

Enigmatic in her own way, the old Romani has lapses of focus that seem to come and go without warning.  Among her people, she is a grand storyteller and a mistress of juggling and throwing knives.