Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Repentant Monk

Brother Clement
Clan Unknown, Assumed to be 7th Generation
Embrace:  April 4, 1444

While most of the other guests that night died (and some would say dying would have been far more merciful an ending), Brother Clement was one of those who survived.  When the Children of the Conspiracy finally met with the Conspiracy of Isaac once more, the vampires regarded the survivors with a certain degree of respect and awe.  The newly embraced Cainites had survived the wrath of The Founders, after all, and thus were worthy of some level of respect.

Claudius Giovanni immediately attempted to forge new ties with the newly embraced vampires, having their Sires approach them to congratulate them or welcome them to their appropriate Clans.  None, however, approached Brother Clement.  The Lady Jadviga immediately explained that none were able to witness as to who gave Brother Clement the vitae that transformed him, and it was to be a mystery that will remain one for the time being.

Clement however has shown a vulnerability to sunlight and in one occasion was witnessed speaking to what he claimed to be an angel hovering above the night sky.  He had admitted to being formerly part of an order known as The Red Monks but had long lost their favor.  But just as dawn was nearing, the Children could not deny seeing the burning cross that emerged in the cloudy sky just as Clement demanded that God himself give him a sign that he should not simply await the coming sun.

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