Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Maker and his Work

Steffen Vanderman
Clan Tzimisce, 7th Generation
Childe of Lord Mieczyslav
Embrace:  April 4, 1444

After being tricked by the Fiend to carve on a living person as he normally did stone, Steffen is beginning to discover exactly how horrifying the powers of the Tzimisce actually are.   Not only can flesh be molded like clay in his hands, but so too can the wills of animals.

Steffen still struggles to find his place in this new existence.   Prior to the Embrace, he already felt the struggle to relate with others.  All the more now in this shadow world of the Kindred.  Stranger still, he has noticed that he has gained a habit of biting on his thumb -- even to the point of gnawing on it -- and as far as he can recall, he has never had this habit before.

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