Thursday, March 31, 2011

Odd Swiss Hospitality

Basel was a decent change. Our group was welcomed well enough. No one was out to end our unlives for this short span of time.

What I did find odd, was that our hosts wanted our participation in discussions and sharing of ideas - but none of them really did so, at least with myself. I believe I was able to speak with two guests, a certain Lord Mendel of the Warlocks, and another one (his name escapes me) who seems to be of the blood.

Both gentlemen I engaged in conversation with, but for some reason, they felt uneasy as we talked further. I would like to think that I have changed enough in these past years leaning towards being more amiable and civilized, at least as a facade, yet they end our conversations abruptly and leave with such haste as if they had a glimpse of Hell in the course of our discussion.

I just shrug, smile, and move on. Odd kind of hospitality here in Switzerland. Perhaps it's the mountain air, or they see something that I do not.

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