Sunday, February 6, 2011

A letter to Vienna

Lies.  They are all lies.
I have completed my findings and come to the following conclusions:

 The Malkavian Clan is indeed infected by a strange Cainite sanguine taint.  The supernatural corruption is of such form that the poor stricken madmen seemingly share their strange visions and dark dreams.  This mystical plague however is not without its vulnerabilities.  From my studies, a direct infusion of Ventrue vitae upon a Malkavian for a period of no less than one week can cleanse the subject of all permeating maladies.  In return, however, the Cainite begins to manifest a capacity for the Discipline we refer to as Domination.

There remains no actual basis or fact of the supposed presence and subsequent destruction of the Antediluvians of both Clan Lasombra and Clan Tzimisce.   While both clans have proclaimed themselves free from the bonds of their Clan Founders, my investigations have not uncovered any actual evidence that such ancient brethren, who were certain to have been given the dark gift hundreds upon hundreds of years past, were still walking amongst us during the recent years.  There is no evidence that beings of such immense power and generation were actually active nor destroyed in any manner similar or relative to our rise to power.  Only the rise of Clan Giovanni, and its usurpation of Clan Cappadocian of its place among the many has evidential fact (and in that case, it is to my understanding the master Ashur's destruction was not without great effort and the very actions of Augustus Giovanni, the eldest among the Giovanni bloodline.  As thus, only we of the Tremere and the Giovanni have true encounters with these great beings.  And in both cases, the destruction of such powers was the final confirmed outcome.

So ends my report.

Lord Casmir

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