Tuesday, February 1, 2011

On Matters Of Monsters and Men

My Brother,

You have failed to maintain your loyalties.
Have you forgotten everything that our father had taught us?

Politics, religion, such things are all irrelevant
when compared to the bonds of  blood.
You are important to me, and I still pray that you
shall come to understand why I have allowed them
to do this to me.

I know that you, like me, still believe that our father is alive.  
I remember the rumors we heard.  1444.  The talk of the monsters
that stalk the night.   And that those who were chosen
by the familia Giovanni
would return, if they ever did, changed.

Our father was changed.  

You could sense it, Luc.
I could see it.

Our mother's blood has gifted us in ways
the things of the night did not understand.

The Giovanni have come for me
and I knew unlike me, 
you would find a way to hide and run.  

But I have allowed them to change me
for in doing so, we have a better understanding
of these monsters
and how to defeat them.

Someone stalks me, Luc.

I can feel his eyes follow me.
My servants whisper to me of the times when silence is thicker than sin.

Perhaps it is one of the Nosferatu,
or perhaps an Assamite who now hungers for my blood.

I shall write you soon again, Luc.
I shall share with you this... tome that I have found.
I am certain you will find it interesting to say the least.

Until then,
may the Maiden watch over you.

Your sister,


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