Monday, February 14, 2011

To Serve As an Example...


No doubt you have already heard of the fire that raged in the merchant district of Rome. The conflagration was caused by one of the Conspirators of Isaac, Lord Mieczyzslav of the Fiends. He attacked my companion, Iakov Mysi, without provocation. But this is not the worst of it. The Tzimisce sought to violate the First Tradition and flaunt his powers!

Lord Mieczyzslav set fire to the merchant house to gain the attention of the masses, transformed into a monstrous creature and escaped into the night sky. Clearly, he wished to sow chaos and fear among the masses and break the Masquarade which we have worked long and hard to maintain.

I urge you to include his name in the Red List so that we, the Alastors, might bring him to justice. We cannot let this go unpunished as others may view it as a weakness and follow his lead. We should make him as an example to all those who would defy the Masquarade and flaunt their powers...



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