Monday, January 31, 2011

The Dead Still Tell Tales

(This letter was found on the body of a messenger loyal to the family of Giovanni. It's authenticity has been confirmed as the final missive of one Antonio Giovanni, head of the trading house in Torino, Italy.)

Most esteemed Claudius Giovanni,

As requested, I am sending you the latest reports of our holdings in France.

Lyon is now open to trade and their silk now travels along the route to Roma. We have managed to acquire 10 bolts of silk of the highest quality after "negotiations" with the merchant Lambert. The next shipment will arrive in six months time. Our eyes, ears and fists in Lambert's home will ensure it.

Marseille continues to provide us with much needed oils and perfume from the east. The Guillem merchants assure us that the raids of pirates along the coast will not affect trade whatsoever. However, we have dispatched la gruppo armato to ensure that our shipments are uninterrupted.

Anette, has learned her lessons well. She has been put in charge of the mercado of the city. Business goes well; our profits have increased twice fold due to her determination and political savvy. La funzionario of the city are quite charmed by her and act to please her every whim. It was good of you to send her to replace my tenente di vascello.

Which brings me to our next order of business. I would like to once again plead with you to investigate his death and send additional assistance. Mario was loyal to me and to the family. His death was...unfortunate but I do not believe he committed suicide. He was murdered, maestro. I am not strong enough in la arte di la nigrimancy to call his spirito from the other side.

Our spettro servo told me that they had witnessed someone with him before he "threw" himself from the roof of his palazzo. It is my belief that this person was attempting to break the Camarilla's Masquarade. Mario knew better and so lay where he was while the people gawked and stared. He was carted off to be buried but he never made it outside of city.

Also, merchants within the city have become afraid to deal with us directly, saying that their moneylenders and messengers have been turning up dead if at all. The Prince will not lift a finger to help. I have used my contacts to determine if an assassin has been contracted against us. The Children of Haquim deny their involvment but our spies tell us of a rogue Cainite hunting the streets of the city. Please, you must... (The rest of the message becomes unreadable as it is covered with the messenger's blood)

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