Monday, January 24, 2011


Marianna was right. I should have moved quicker. I had ignored her warnings and perhaps have sealed my dear daughter's fate.

It is too late though, to wonder what could have been. What steps I could have taken to prevent this.

My only daughter is now dead, ashes left for the sunrise.

To her executioner - I do not know if I can sincerely thank you for this, or to condemn you to an eternity of enlightenment. On one hand - you had saved her from further being brought into Claudius' machinations. On the other - you took away my only dauther.

Thank you, Tatiana Stoyan, for releasing my child from Claudius' grip.

Damn you, Tatiana Stoyan, for denying me my right as her father to set her right, and perhaps say goodbye one last time.

I will make sure that once Claudius is destroyed, you will find peace in the remainder of your unlife. Malkav watch over you until then.

Anette - Please be patient with your buffoon of a father - I will eventually meet you and Luc wherever you may be now.

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