Thursday, January 20, 2011

In correspondence between light and shadow

The Lord's blessings upon you.   

The years that have passed have been a merciless trial.    I had long thought that to be denied the warmth of the Lord's very sun was a horrid truth in itself.  But in the passage of years, I have become more aware of the truth to this dark gift we have been given.  It is a Curse.  A true curse of evil and damnation.

In the years that have passed, I have taken it upon myself to care for the youngling.  Her education must be continued if she is to comprehend what has come to pass.  Let the French fool insult the Almighty and the German blasphemer ignore the wrath of Heaven.  I shall not let the darkness reach beyond our defiled bodies and infect the pure.

It is to my understanding that you are close to the young Ratcatcher.  I have never been seen in his favor.  But the angels have whispered to me that you and he have forged an alliance of sorts, with a body of merchants as your arms.  Please tell him that I have kept her safe.  Tell him that I have done what I must to ensure her purity remains intact.

Tell him she is in good hands.

Yours in God's love,

Clement you idiot!
It was you?  All those years and it was you?
Do you realize what Iakov Mysi could do, nay, WOULD do to you if he were to learn that it was you who took her from the university?  I should have realized it when he mentioned to me that his sister was being courted by an angel.  An angel!

It has been over fifty years, Clement.
What have you done to her?

Where is she now?!?


She is well.
That is all I can and will say.
This is my final missive for now.

We are to take a pilgrimage and I do not know when I can write back to you.

But again, have faith in the Lord.
The angel is well.

Yours in the Lord's love,

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