Thursday, January 20, 2011

A message to the Founders

Oh most "honorable" Camarilla

I care nothing for your views, your goals, or your lofty ideals.  I care nothing for your desire to search for a world under the oppressive hands of the Antedeluvians.  Ours has perished, crushed beneath our might, and you dare think that your vision would burn bright enough to tear away the shadows of the Lasombra?

You were wrong to assume that the revolt would end with the so-called Treaty. 

You were wronger still to assume that your Inner Council holds sway over us the way the Antedeluvians believed as well.  We are all children of the Forgiving God, and we are all meant to be in this world to play a role in His Divine Plan.

Your request is ignored.  I care nothing for the sake of the Anathema you claim that seeks refuge among my people.  I care nothing for these Children of the Conspiracy, nor for the one among their ilk who has found a place in your supposedly intimidating Red List.

Iberia is mine.
The Night will always have shadows.
And my shadows have eyes.

Do not test me.


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