Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Concerning Lato Destro Augustus


My Childe has found solace playing the role of a destroyer.
Since the fated embrace, my Childe has taken it upon herself to hunt members of the Giovanni Clan that can be reached and giving them the blessings of Final Death.  Much to my surprise, the young society known as the Camarilla has yet to raise their hands against her.    Word has it, the actions of my Childe have been deemed acceptable simply due to the fact she has refrained from tasting the sweetest blood.

I have failed the brotherhood.
I have acted too late.
I should have approached her sooner.  Inducted her to our ways.
But my blindness of her due to her sex had caused my downfall.

She is now in the attentions of Schrekt.
I must withdraw.

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