Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dearest Iuliana,

I am safe and well. I am on the road to Poszony to see you as I write this letter. I am almost certain that Pavel will waste your time with silly stories of wild birds and foxes delivering my messages to his home. Humor him, dear sister. It should amuse your imagination.

Please do not be alarmed by what I am about to tell you.

My trip to Wallachia was a disaster. The man called Claudius Giovanni is a lunatic and his guests, exotic and "learned" people, were possessed of warped minds! Monsters in the guise of civility. Even Ugor, oh the poor dog, has suffered as traumatically as I have. We barely left that damned fortress alive. I can tell you little else, sister, but let this serve as a warning. Do not ask me to explain, just trust me as you always have. Curse the name Giovanni and avoid it at all costs. What rumors you hear of them, of their witchcraft and devilry, are most probably true. Never associate yourself with anyone bearing the name. The schemes of that damned family do not involve just silk and coin but death as well. I shall ask of you to swear it upon our parents' graves when we finally see each other.

Do not fret. Some good has come out of this most horrible trip to the Carpathians. Almost entirely by accident, I was "saved" by Mistress Fanchon and her companions. Circumstances concerning the mistress' friends were unpleasant at first but I am now under the kind lady's employ and tutelage. You might have noticed an improvement in my writing. In fact, I have been given leave to visit you. I, of course, do not intend on wasting time. It has been too long, Iuliana. I am glad to be coming home.

Ugor says he misses you too.

Your brother,

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