Sunday, January 23, 2011

Regarding Madam Cloaca

Master Van Bauren,

I feel that I should inform you of an encounter I had recently with one of your clanmates. She calls hereself Madam Cloaca. She haunts the streets and sewers of Rome as a beggar but is actually more than she seems.

She is old; it is my impression that she has awakened from torpor only recently. She does not seem to be aware of what has happened in the last two centuries or so. Therefore, she does not know of the Camarilla or the Masquarade. In fact, I encountered her as she disposed of a body by throwing it away like a ragdoll to the roof of a building.

I followed her for some time after the fiasco at Alphonse (Iakov will notify you of the details of the incident). Yes, she did not use her powers to conceal herself from me; I found this unusual since I know your clan's penchant for stelath and secrecy. She wandered the streets talking to herself in Latin.

I think that it would be in the best interest of the Camarilla to induct her in our ways to protect the Masquarade. She was...instrumental in our investigation as to who might have assisted in the acquisition of the text we are after. However, her recent actions make her a danger to the Camarilla and the Kindred as a whole.

And if you should need of my services regarding this matter, please let me know.



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