Thursday, January 13, 2011

A letter to Ceoris

I address this missive to two of whom I remain loyal to:

Master Calderon of the Inner Circle
Master Abetorius of the Inner Circle

I am certain that you have, by now, heard of the so-called Children of the Conspiracy of Isaac.  I am aware that you have noted among them there is a childe whose blood flows with the line of Tremere.   I confess that the inept Sire, Lord Casmir, has escape punishment so far, but I am in the process of ensuring his destruction. Of the child, however, Iakov Mysi is under my care and guidance.  There is no need of fearing that our Clan's secrets have been shared to others.

But as to the Children as a whole...

They are dangerous.  Useful.  But dangerous nonetheless.  The fat fool Hardestadt does not realize how dangerous these young fangs  can become.  But I am aware that you do.  I am aware that you can see what I can see when you glimpse at their souls.

They are marked.

The stain upon their souls is different from anything that we have seen before.  Their auras shimmer and dance like the soul fire common among our kind - pale and tinged with the bleed of hunger - but unlike ours, their souls are marked.  And these marks are something we have never seen before.

The childe is both astute and observant.  His ability to look beyond the norm and consider things outside the expected realm of practice astound me.  I have taken it to myself to train him in the ways of our kind, but I once more petition to you my request to have him remain distant from the Clan as a whole.  In many ways, I sense this childe's potential to be useful to the clan will grow only if he is allowed a semblance of freedom.

On Clan matters, however, I would like to extend to you my anticipation.  I have unlocked to some degree the secrets of how the childe's soul has been marked.  I have documented my findings and have included them in this missive.  I am certain you shall find them most enlightening, if not inspiring and possibly even useful in your plans in dealing with the Saracen Situation.

I remain your steadfast servant.

Mistress Fanchon

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